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Sidney Powell: “I never say anything I cannot prove, and we’re fixin’ to overturn the results in multiple states!”


Sidney Powell: “I never say anything I cannot prove, and we’re fixin’ to overturn the results in multiple states!”

I keep telling you, this election is NOT over.

Not by a longshot.

While the MSM is pushing the story that President Trump has lost almost all of his legal challenges, his lead bulldog attorney Sidney Powell is telling a much different story.

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Want to guess which of them is lying?


The legal challenges are all very much alive, and Sidney Powell went on Sunday Morning Futures with Maria Bartiromo this morning to break it all down.

I have the full interview for you below but here are some highlights.

She says she has volumes of sworn witness testimony designed to rig elections.

It all comes down to SmartMatic and Dominion and she says they have all the evidence of how these corrupt systems work.

These were not glitches or mistakes, these were intentional programs designed to steal elections.

They were built specifically for that purpose.

She says they’ve done it before, we have evidence going back to 2016 in California.

Did you catch that?

Remember when Mark Taylor said California was going to go RED in 2018?

Maybe it did.

Maybe they had to use SmartMatic and Dominion to steal it even back then!

Or maybe in 2016 too!

Powell says “we have so much evidence it’s coming in like a fire hose!”

She confirmed multiple proofs of fraud that she can present to the court within the short two-week timeframe.

Powell reiterated:  I never say anything I cannot prove, and this is not even “voter fraud” it’s “massive ELECTION fraud.”

Even their own manual explains how votes can be wiped away and transferred.  It’s like drag and drop.  Move the Trump votes to a different folder and then just delete it!

Any state that bough Dominion needs to have a criminal investigation of the officers in that state who bought the software.

There is even evidence of “kickbacks” to the people who brought in the Dominion software to their states.

We’re talking about $100 million dollar packages.

And it’s more than one government official.

Kickbacks went to family members of high ranking officials.

The people who bought this knew EXACTLY what they were getting and it should never have been installed in the first place.

This is highly criminal.

They knew what they were doing, this was no accident.

This was planned, extensive, massive election fraud.

Watch the entire interview here:


And here is more.

From Lou Dobbs just a day earlier:

Here’s more, from DJHJ Media:

Friday night, former federal prosecutor and member of President Donald Trump’s legal team said Friday the Trump campaign has collected a mountain of evidence exposing large scale election fraud that is all linked to the Dominion Voter Systems software.

During an appearance with Lou Dobbs on Fox Business, Powell revealed that company was originally created and used to “produce altered results” in Venezuelan elections to put the late socialist leader Hugo Chavez in office, and that it has been used in other countries since, for the purpose of stealing elections, and now that includes the United States.

“I can hardly wait to put forth all the evidence we have collected on Dominion,” she said, exposing the fact that the software was funded by money from Venezuela and Cuba. You have to wonder what Biden promised both countries for their help.

“China has a role in it also. So if you wanna talk about foreign interference, we certainly have it now,” she continued.

Powell said that the campaign has in its possession a “staggering” amount of statistical evidence and witness testimony, including someone who was an eyewitness to the ballot theft in at least one of Chavez’s races who saw some of the same things happening in the early hours following Election Day last week.

“As soon as the states shut down on Election Night and stopped counting, those are the states where the most egregious problems occurred,” Powell said, and then she went on to claim that the Trump campaign is also uncovering evidence regarding “the financial interests” of some governors and secretaries of state “who actually bought into the Dominion systems.” This is incredible stuff, and all the while the Fake News media is still claiming there is no evidence of voter fraud.

While acknowledging Powell’s claims, Dobbs went on to note that the Trump campaign is running out of time to present its evidence in court as the December date for choosing electors is fast approaching.

Powell hopes states involved in fraud won’t be “stupid enough” to certify “hundreds of thousands of votes” that were altered by the Dominion software, but I believe they will do it. When you think about it, the deep state has gotten away with what they did to President Trump in 2016 and for the next four years. Sure, Republicans discovered what the Obama administration did when they weaponized law enforcement and intelligence agencies against a duly-elected president and with the exception of a fall guy, Kevin Clinesmith, they all got away with it, and no one went to prison.

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